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Child Internet safety. Little girl using tablet at home.

The Importance of Teaching Children Internet Safety

The Importance of Teaching Children Internet Safety In an increasingly digital world, more children than ever are accessing the Internet without supervision. As smartphones and mobile devices become essential for staying in touch, getting around, and even making purchases, the age of the average cellphone user continues to decline. Roughly 66% of children in fourth […]

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Child Going Back To School. Mother And Kid.

How to Choose a Preschool That’s Best for Your Family

Wondering how to choose a preschool? Choosing a preschool for your child can be difficult. You want the best for them, but there are an overwhelming number of options. Information online is often conflicting or less sparse than information on elementary schools. It’s extremely stressful. Since everyone has different needs, you should be looking at […]

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parents with children read books on white

Reading Is Fun

Whether your child thinks reading is fun or not, here are some sobering facts that may encourage you to keep reading! It’s a fact: Children who are read to in the home have a substantial advantage over those who are not. Here are some more facts: The greatest amount of brain growth occurs between birth […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers can only handle so many coffee mugs during Teacher Appreciation Week. And let’s be honest, don’t they deserve more than just a coffee mug? Being a teacher these days is an increasingly thankless job as problems increase and pay decreases. So be original. Show your thanks with a gift from the heart. Here are […]

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school care in Gilbert AZ

Afterschool Care in Gilbert AZ

Good afterschool care in Gilbert AZ can be hard to find. It needs to be affordable, convenient, and provide a safe place for your little one. At A Child’s Place at the Ranches, not only are we affordable, but we can also pick your child up from school and transport them to our center. We […]

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Preschool in Gilbert AZ

Gift Ideas from your Preschool in Gilbert AZ

Expert Gift-Giving Suggestions from our Preschool in Gilbert Many of you may already be finished with your Christmas shopping. But if you’re not, consider these classic gift ideas from our preschool in Gilbert teachers that not only help kids learn basic skills, but also help the family spend time together. These timeless gifts will be […]

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