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Tricks for Getting a Child To Nap Every Day

Tricks for Getting a Child to Nap Every Day

If you’re a parent struggling to get your child to nap daily, you’re not alone. Napping can be a daily challenge for both kids and parents. Some children resist their body’s natural need for sleep, while others have trouble winding down after a busy morning. As a parent, it can feel like you’ve tried everything […]

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a child engaging in a science experiment

Infant Development Milestones

There is no doubt that having children completely transforms your life and gives it greater meaning. As a parent, you will naturally be concerned about your child’s growth and want to ensure that they are making sufficient progress. One way to do this is by looking at milestones as they grow. Infant developmental milestones are […]

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Cute little girl working on online learning sites

Best Online Learning Sites to Supplement Childhood Education

During early childhood development, it’s important for children to explore their interests and expand their education to realms outside of the classroom. Doing so allows them to establish hobbies, develop creative problem-solving skills, and keep them entertained. While it’s important to spend quality time with your children away from screens, there are some great resources […]

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Four preschool kids playing with the ball

The Importance of Enrolling Your Child in Extracurricular Activities

The Importance of Enrolling Your Child in Extracurricular Activities Childhood is an opportunity for discovery. In early years, children explore the world through sight, touch, and sounds and as their social skills develop, they begin to immerse themselves in their surroundings. When your child advances into academic life, it provides a great opportunity to solidify […]

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happy family at a home. dad and son play toy car and tractor. happy family at home together concept. son and father sitting on the bed in the bedroom playing toys car. dad and child play car fun toy

The Best Toys for Your Child’s Brain Development

The Best Toys for Your Child’s Brain Development During the first few years of your child’s life, their brain begins to form neural pathways. This happens quickly as the senses are developing and babies learn to walk, talk, and explore the world around them. The most crucial time for your child’s brain development is from […]

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Parent sitting homeschooling with little kid, Father and son having fun preparing easy science experiment

Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home

Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home With many children still participating in e-learning, it’s important to keep education fun and exciting. Sitting in front of a computer screen might allow for specific pieces of information to be relayed, but younger children need sensory stimulation to properly develop and retain what they’re learning. In addition […]

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Child Internet safety. Little girl using tablet at home.

The Importance of Teaching Children Internet Safety

The Importance of Teaching Children Internet Safety In an increasingly digital world, more children than ever are accessing the Internet without supervision. As smartphones and mobile devices become essential for staying in touch, getting around, and even making purchases, the age of the average cellphone user continues to decline. Roughly 66% of children in fourth […]

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